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Be a hero in the story of families in your community

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Building Strong Families

Ryan enrolled in Outreach's Safe Care Program in May 2020. Though the baby was not yet born, it was important to him as a father to join the Safe Care visits with his girlfriend, the mother of his child. While he is lucky to have a positive father figure in his life, Ryan wanted to learn things about parenting that he may not have always learned from his family. He wanted to ensure he was a good dad for his own child.

One day each week, Ryan leaves work early to join in on the Outreach family development specialist's home visits with his girlfriend. He makes up the missed work time another day.

Beginning visits during the COVID-19 pandemic was very hard. Jason and his girlfriend had anxiety about starting the program. They thought it would be someone just talking and teaching them about parenting topics. However, they were super surprised as they started the visits!

Ryan was surprisingly happy to learn how interactive and fun the visits are. He expressed how nice it is to have someone so supportive and full of compassion to help them grow as parents. He is engaged, interactive, and expresses how much joy he has during each visit.

Ryan's had a confidence boost. He finds himself singing and humming to his son during almost every interaction, and finds how much it soothes his son. This activity is suggested through the Safe Care program.

Ryan recently submitted a video of his interactions with his son during play and everyday routines. The video shows Ryan has reached mastery level in skills learned in the Parent Infant Interaction Module.

Outreach is very proud of this couple as they move forward in their last module of Safe Care, and are grasping all skills with mastery level.

Your support makes Outreach's support of individuals like Ryan possible. At Outreach, we believe strong families make strong communities. With your gift, Outreach can continue helping families like Ryan's move toward family stability and economic self-sufficiency, building a stronger community.