Your support promotes Family Stability and Economic Self-Sufficiency image

Your support promotes Family Stability and Economic Self-Sufficiency

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Dear Outreach Supporter,

My name is James Hanjaras and I participate in Outreach programs and services.

I was first introduced to Outreach several years ago when I was incarcerated at Lackawanna County Prison (LCP). Outreach provided services at LCP that helped me turn my life around and get back on the right track. They helped me feel like a productive and valued member of the community. Upon release from prison, the first place I turned to was Outreach. The Outreach staff quickly responded to my immediate needs and assisted me with creating a resume and obtaining employment. They were always ready to lend a helping hand, and have offered me support throughout my life’s journey. I am happy to report that I am gainfully employed as an Executive Chef and recently got married. In addition, my wife Vanessa and I welcomed our first child, James Hanjaras IV, into the world on August 25, 2021. My life couldn’t be better. To this day, Outreach continues to support me with resources and encouragement.

Your kindness and generosity in support of Outreach programs are appreciated more than you know. I am beyond grateful for the help Outreach provides to me and my family. I also know my story of success is not the only one. My success, and others like me at Outreach, benefit from the kindness of individuals like YOU.

My reason for sharing my story is simple ~ please help Outreach help others in our community become a success! Please make a gift to Outreach today and help families in our community experience hope for brighter tomorrows. You can make a gift by mailing your check with the enclosed donation form to Outreach or by visiting Outreach’s website,

Again, on behalf of my family, and all those served by Outreach programs and services, THANK YOU for supporting Outreach’s important mission work.


James Hanjaras

Outreach Program Participant