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The end-of-year celebrations are a time to reflect upon the abundance of peace, joy, love, balance, health, and wealth that we may have in our lives, but many in our shared community struggle during this season and throughout the year. This giving season you have the ability to provide hope for brighter tomorrows for those individuals and families. Your gift has the power to impact the lives of over 4,500 men, women, and children that Outreach serves annually, as (and this) change of a single life creates a ripple effect among many, and together we create a stronger shared community.

In the case of participant Tristen Grant, her life choices brought her to a low place, abusing drugs and getting arrested at the age of 19, but she was offered an opportunity by the court system to change her path. Enrolling in a program at Outreach helped her find her way.

Elaine Donly, Outreach Program Manager, mentor, and champion, describes Tristen’s growth as this:

When I first met Tristen, she was young, in trouble, and scared. Though she was like a deer in headlights at that time, she had the one personal trait that would move her forward, willingness. Tristen was open-minded and desirous of a successful future. She made mistakes along the way, as we all do, but she never gave up. Today she has a job she loves and a beautiful family. I couldn't be more proud of her or happier for her!”

Tristen’s story is not uncommon. The overwhelming need for a support system is prevalent in today’s society(Our Shared Community) and growing daily. YOUR SUPPORT provided the necessities to impact Tristen’s life, and her children’s lives. It can continue to impact the lives of Our Shared Community and to solidify the path toward a life of family stability and economic self-sufficiency.